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Cats and dogs leash designed with all the happiest faces we could find from the Tom and Jerry universe.

Tom and Jerry 🦴 Mutt of Course – Happy Green Traffic Leash

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  • Small:
    Length- 46 cm / 18.1 inch

    Length- 130 cm / 51.1 inch

    Length- 150 cm / 59 inch

    Length- 96" inches / 8 feet.Extra handle at 20"

  • Official Tom and Jerry WBE (s22) Merchandise
    Limited & exclusive collection
    8-foot leash for fun walks with your dog
    Durable polyester webbing ensures long-lasting strength
    2 padded handles (at far end and near clip) for enhanced comfort, safety, and control
    Perfect for those dogs who love exploring, go on hikes or long walks

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