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Cats and dogs leash designed with all the happiest faces we could find from the Tom and Jerry universe.

Tom and Jerry 🦴 Mutt of Course – Happy Green Leash

PriceFrom ₹599.00
Taxes Included
  • Small:
    Length- 46 cm / 18.1 inch

    Length- 130 cm / 51.1 inch

    Length- 150 cm / 59 inch

    Length- 96" inches / 8 feet.Extra handle at 20"

  • Official Tom and Jerry WBE (s22)
    Merchandise Limited & exclusive collection
    Short Leash 46 cms (18") dog leash with padded handle
    Short leash keeps your pet close to you and gives you better control
    It is great for walking dogs through heavy traffic, crowds, markets or to vet visits
    Comes with a heavy-duty clip and a soft & comfortable padded handle

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